March 28, 2022

Welcome to the era of digitally-engineered Mat3rials!

Digital materials R&D is an innovative up-and-coming technological area that is rapidly gaining ground because of its ability to cut development times and greatly reduce costs.

The Dawn of New Era

Digital materials R&D is an innovative up-and-coming technological area that is rapidly gaining ground because of its ability to cut development times and greatly reduce costs.

Materials are driving our industrial progress from the Stone Age to this moment. For most of this time, however, we, humans had to rely on the raw materials we could extract from the Earth with relatively small modifications, like iron ore or silicon wafers. We are now entering a new Age - the Age of digitally-engineered materials, where we can build new materials from atoms up with the help of modeling and simulations and artificial intelligence (AI).

AI and modeling help propel the development of materials critical to the modern economy. The greatest advantage is in closing the gap between the increasingly fast-paced market demands and the time it takes to develop new materials enabling new innovative products. This is true across many industries today, particularly electronics, energy, and manufacturing. By the end of the decade, materials and manufacturing processes from computer chips to airplanes and rockets will become reliant on AI tools.

Ultra high-performance microprocessors, for example, require materials with unique properties, such as the ability to conduct electricity only along a particular path, or survivability in extreme environments like outer space. The commonly applied “Edisonian” approach, because of its reliance on trial and error, often leads to a decade or more for new materials to make it from concept to product. AI tools applied at the early-stage research and later during the development phase can cut that time significantly.

Goodbye, Hello! is a rebrand of with new investors, customers, government awards, team additions, to double down and underline the rapid emergence of digital materials R&D.

In order to underline this “tectonic shift” toward the digital transformation of R&D, and to highlight many of the recent development we decided to rebrand. Meet - the digital home for materials R&D. The rebrand will help us to better align our platform with the challenge of digitally transforming the research and development of new materials and chemicals and to highlight the new team additions, new customers, several new awards from key public sector agencies, and updates to the product.

When I started Exabyte back in 2015, it was little more than an idea. Over the years, the idea evolved and grew quite a bit. Today, our company works with frontier research organizations across academics, private and public sectors as customers, has over 2,500 scientists using it, and was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal ( Clearly, many things had changed both within the company and in the R&D landscape! Because of that, we felt like the right time to highlight the change and rebrand.

Mat3ra (read “Mat-Era”) is a gateway to the era of digitally engineered materials and chemicals. Our mission is to accelerate the development of new materials and chemicals that catalyze industrial innovation. We empower humanity with extraordinary materials through advanced technology and collective intelligence.

Mat3ra is Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S.

We focus on making digital R&D easy-to-use, collaborative and data-driven

At Mat3ra, we make sophisticated digital technology easy to use by:

  • (1) providing an intuitive user experience,
  • (2) presenting complexity in layers through a modular object-oriented approach to design, and
  • (3) facilitating streamlined access to high-end limitless computation.

We integrate best practices from a global community of scientists and engineers to avoid repetition, optimize efficiency and set new industry standards, together. We enable the transition to data-driven R&D by embracing the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Inter-operable, Reusable) concepts and facilitating the applications of AI/ML techniques to rapidly accelerate the pace of work.

Just like Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. in the movie (Iron Man), Mat3ra is bringing together the latest in modeling and AI/ML to allow the design and development of new materials based on fundamental chemistry and physics advancing the speed at which new products can hit the market.

Join us to drive the next wave of industrial innovation together through digitally-engineered Mat3rials!

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