September 30, 2020 Tapped by USAF to Give Scientists Real-World Version of Tony Stark’s Futuristic Ironman Simulation Software, the company unlocking the rapid development of new materials for Global 2000 companies.

San Francisco – WEBWIRE– Wednesday, September 30, 2020, the company unlocking the rapid development of new materialsfor Global 2000 companies, announces its selection as a $1M Small BusinessInnovation Research (SBIR) Phase II award recipient from the United States AirForce’s technology incubator, AFWERX. Thetechnology at the center of the award is’s Elemental Modeling andManufacturing Architecture (EMMA), a real-world version of the futuristicsoftware that Tony Stark used to create new materials for his “Ironman” suit inthe Marvel movie. Exabyte is also actively hiring to grow its team to supportthe award and other areas of strong growth. is an end-to-end materials modeling platform thatconsolidates state-of-the-art simulation tools and data allowing users todesign new compounds and run physics-based and machine-learning models. Thecompany’s platform virtually models new compounds, starting from theinteraction of individual atoms and shows how they perform together as a new material,which can reduce development time by half.

The AFWERX is ahighly competitive program that encourages domestic small businesses to engagein federal research and research and development with the potential forcommercialization. received the Phase II award to conduct researchand development and adapt its software to address the application areas andmaterials of interest to the Air Force. The Phase II award was granted aftersuccessfully completing a Phase I evaluation.

“Material requirements for today’s cutting-edge manufacturing areimmense and ever-increasing,” explains Timur Bazhirov, Ph.D., CEO and founderof “This Phase II award underscores the importance of understandingand exploiting the latest digital R&D methods to keep pace withaccelerating materials and manufacturing lifecycles.”

The Air Force Research Laboratory and AFWERX work together to streamlinethe SBIR process and accelerate the development of new technologies, broadenthe pool of potential applicants and decrease bureaucratic overhead. Beginningin 2018, the Air Force started offering ’Special’ SBIR topics to drive abroader range of innovations that are faster and leaner.

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Foundedin 2015 and tracing its roots to UC Berkeley, is a cloud-basedsoftware company that unlocks the rapid development of new materials forFortune 500 companies. The company’s modeling platform allows engineers inacademic and industrial sectors, including energy, semiconductor andmanufacturing to rapidly adopt and deploy a wide variety of modeling techniquesto create higher-performing products. Exabyte is headquartered in SanFrancisco, California. Learn more at:

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